The other day I met with my Group. Sometimes it is still called our 4th Day Group. As we talked, we all remarked on how much our lives have changed simply due to the fact that we are grouping every week.

In life’s busy schedule, it is often hard to maintain this relationship. Sometimes we have to skip a week. Sometimes we have to put it off for an hour until one or the other of us fits in that much needed exercise class or runs an errand. Sometimes we meet at Café Americano, and they graciously let us sit there for hours on end. Once I had breakfast AND lunch there, because different people joined us at staggered times!

But the absolute best group experiences we have are when we meet in one of our living rooms. We light a candle, say our prayers, and share from our hearts the struggles we make to fully live the gospel. We encourage each other, laugh and sometimes weep with each other, and help each other to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. This year we are talking a lot about the New Evangelization, and what that means in our little spheres of influence.

The very act of grouping motivates us, holds us accountable for being better Christians. Mass means so much more to me now; my prayer life is better; and my outreach is improved because of my group experience. In fact, grouping has turned out to be the very heart and soul of Cursillo for me.

There are many kinds of groups out there in Cursillo Land. There are big groups that meet at restaurants. There are couples groups that meet for wine and cheese, or sometimes a simple meal. There are small groups that meet in living rooms. They all have one thing in common: the very act of meeting encourages us to continue our journey toward Christ, to more fully live our faith.

If you don’t have a group, contact your secretariat for help in joining one. Remember your sponsor? Ask your sponsor to help you find a group that is a good fit for you. Or just invite a couple of your close friends to form a group with you. The format for grouping is in your Pilgrim’s Guide, and you can loosely follow it. Remember our motto, make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ. Happy grouping!