A Christmas Message from the Lay Director,

DeColores everyone! Since we are in the sacred time of advent I thought I should give you a brief update on our Cursillo Movement and recap some of the wonderful things that have taken place over the past several months.

The current Secretariat is coming up on our first full year of activity. For those of you who are not aware, we accept these positions for a period of three years. At that time, it is the hope a new group steps up to administer this movement for the diocese. We recently were blessed to have Pat Miles step up to take the important job of School of Leaders Chair. He is a wonderful representative of what we attempt to do and he has been very active on all levels. I ask that all of us listen to the call of the SOL once we have an agenda of education established. There is so much we can learn about Cursillo.

We are still looking for a Secretary to keep the information between community and the Secretariat flowing. If the Holy Spirit touches you for that assignment please let me know. 

Earlier this year we worked on an Apostolic Mission attempting to hold the Secretariat accountable for leaving the movement better off once we complete our 3-year mission. It is posted on the Cursillo website (sacramentocursillo.org) and I strongly encourage everyone to read it. We believe that the Holy Spirit is at work here in Sacramento and it is up to us to listen and act…that includes community. I will be sharing this document with the regional oversight and, hopefully, the Bishop.

A couple of goals we set for ourselves is to identify parish representatives at all parishes and to compile a list of all of the existing and new group reunions. We know you are out there…it is a matter of recording them for the website. It is important to publish them since we receive multiple requests from Cursillistas relocating to the Sacramento area and are looking to join up with a group. Please contact Post Cursillo Chairs Kathy Kitchura (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Laura Zabriskie (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with the day, time and contact person for your group.

Speaking of Laura, we are pleased that the Holy Spirit tapped her on the shoulder to become the Rectora for the 2018 Women’s Weekend being held on April 26-29. It is not too soon to Make a Friend, Be a Friend and Bring a Friend to Christ!!! Rumor has it that 9 women have already expressed an interest to go. An enthusiastic core group has already been assembled so let’s all pray for the success of the team and for a lot of ladies looking to improve their walk with Christ to say YES.

I’d also like to thank Vince Johnson and Brenda McCollum and their incredible teams who passed on our wonderful movement to a few dozen men and women during this year’s weekends. I’d also would like to thank the always enthusiastic Elaine Locazio who was the original Rectora but had to step away due to some personal issues.

Another goal of the Secretariat is to encourage more people to step up as sponsors, outside of the team members. This is critical to our success and in keeping with the model of Cursillo. Weekends with 30 or 40 people should not be uncommon. In fact, we have the ability to have more than 1 weekend a year as long as we get additional participation to make it happen. We are counting on an active community to help us make this a reality!

Another new thing we tried this year is a concept of having parishes have worship and praise meetings based on our Cursillo community. A couple were held this year and the result was outstanding. Think of an Ultreya with music, individual prayer and potential candidates in attendance. Another in planned for St Clare in Roseville early next year. The key to its success is having the parish priest very involved and they have been there with us step by step.

My final thought for today is to call on all of you to attend our Epiphany Celebration/Ultreya at St Mel on January 6th after the 4:30 mass. There will be music, reflections, food and fellowship. This is taking the place of our normal Christmas Celebration which was cancelled due to so many other conflicting events. Get it on the calendar today. All parishes, groups and families are invited to this special night.

God Bless you and your families during this special season…

Denny Shunta