“The purpose (or goal) of the Movement is to make Christian community possible in neighborhoods, parishes, work situations and other places where people live the greater part of their lives. It makes possible for anyone in the world to live a Christian life in a natural way.” (Cursillo Leaders’ Manual-page 13.)

The purpose of sponsoring is to evangelize others and offer Candidates a method to continue their spiritual growth. A Sponsor is willing to identify through friendship, fellow Catholics who have the desire to be an integral part of their environments and bring the love of Christ to the world.

Know your Candidate

Sponsoring your Candidate should be viewed as a deliberate act to bring Christ into the world. Therefore, a Candidate should be a friend with whom a Sponsor has a personal connection. Your Candidate will become the agent for change in their families, work situations, neighborhood, social gatherings, etc. Your Candidate should be open to becoming an active participant in a Group Reunion, Ultreyas and School of Leaders. Your Candidate will become part of the Cursillo Christian community and look to you as their Sponsor for support throughout their faith journey.

Candidates who should be considered:

Fellow Catholics who have a natural inclination to spiritually influence their environments. Individuals who have a deep personality, are able to make their own decisions, and are “Christ Centered.” Individuals seeking a closer relationship with Christ through a supportive Christian community.

Candidates who are eligible to attend a Weekend:

Anyone who is eligible to receive the Sacraments in the Roman Catholic Church. The ordinary Catholic, meaning an individual trying to live the Catholic ideal to the best of their ability.

Candidates who should delay attending a Weekend:

  • Non-practicing Catholics who are not eligible for the Sacraments
  • Those who have a physiological or emotional problem
  • Those who have a deep drinking, drug or moral problem
  • Those who have a major marital problem
  • Candidates age and physical condition: Youthful candidates should have sufficient life experiences to integrate the Cursillo method into their lives. Seniors should carefully consider their medical condition and the possible physical strain of the Weekend.

Registration process:

Review the Registration Process document and contact the Precursillo Chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information and guidance. Sponsors are asked to submit registration packets on behalf of their prospective candidate.