October 2014

“But the time came when he who had set me apart before I was born and called me by his
favor chose to reveal his Son to me that I might spread among the Gentiles the good
tidings concerning him. Immediately, without seeking human advisers or even going to
Jerusalem to see those who were apostles before me” (Gal 1:15-17).

Some people use the expression layperson, while others prefer laity. Laity or layperson is
understood as having the same significance. The term refers to us, the baptized, who
have not received the “laying of hands”, an act of “ordination” or Sacrament of Holy

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August 2014

To Discover and Live One’s Vocation and Mission1

The fundamental objective of the formation of the lay faithful is an ever-clearer discovery
of one’s vocation and the ever-greater willingness to live it out, so as to fulfill one’s

God calls me and sends me forth as a laborer in his vineyard. He calls me and sends me
forth to work for the coming of his Kingdom in history. This personal vocation and
mission defines the dignity and the responsibility of each member of the lay faithful and
makes up the focal point of the whole work of formation, whose purpose is the joyous
and grateful recognition of this dignity and the faithful and generous living-out of this

In fact, from eternity God has thought of us and has loved us as unique individuals.
Every one of us he called by name, as the Good Shepherd “calls his sheep by name” (Jn.
10:13). However, only in the unfolding of the history of our lives and its events is the
eternal plan of God revealed to each of us. Therefore, it is a gradual process; in a certain
sense, one that happens day by day.

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April 2014

Today there is a great hunger and thirst for a more authentic spiritual life, in short, for spirituality. People are interested in living fuller, deeper, and more personal human lives.

As Cursillo leaders, we too seek for a more authentic spiritual life, especially after having lived the experience of Cursillo. But what is meant by spirituality and in particular, Catholic spirituality?

May 2014

Since this talk is entitled Role of the Cursillo Leader, I imagine the best place to begin would be by asking ourselves who is a Leader in Cursillo? You might say that all those who are members of your Secretariat are the Cursillo Leaders. Or maybe you might say all those who attend the School of Leaders are Cursillo Leaders. You would not be wrong in either case, but you would not be completely correct either. What if I made a slight change to this phrase “Make a friend, be a friend, and bring that friend to Christ”. What if instead I said “Make a friend, be a friend, and lead that friend to Christ”? Would you then recognize that all Cursillistas are Cursillo Leaders, because all of us have experienced the three fundamental encounters of a weekend and all of us know that this is what we are called to do? We are called to lead others to Christ.

February 2014

What is “Conversion”?  Conversion is our turning toward God who is always turning toward us.  Conversion is the response of our whole person turning in faith and love to the God who loves us.  Faith is the giving of our whole self – head hearts and hands – back to God.  Conversion takes time.  It takes chipping away at the stone wall, or tomb, which surrounds us and separates us from God and allows God entrance into our tomb, or life.  It takes time and humility to learn that love is not self-made but pure gift.