The 2017 Men’s Cursillo Weekend is scheduled for September 21st-24th at the Jesuit Retreat Center, Applegate. You can look up the site at http://www.uccr.org/camp/jesuit-retreat-center

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Pray for the Team

Please remember to pray for each of the members of the team who said “yes” to the call of the Holy Spirit. Pray that these men will be a window to the love of our Lord. And that their words will draw the candidates into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ

Team Member


Team Member


 Rector Vince Johnson SS. Peter & Paul   Dave Fox  St. Joseph
 Bill Quiroz St. Mel  Pat Miles  St. Mel
 Frank Madrigal Holy Trinity  Will Friesen  OLA
 Kevin Mooney Holy Trinity  Andrew Cunha  OLA
 Matt Retz Holy Trinity  Chuck Friedrich  St. Mel
 Vince Martini Holy Trinity  Chris Juten  St. Mel
 Jim Burger St. Ignatius  Frank Abi-Nader  St. Mel
 Jesse Leon St. Charles  Jim Carlson  St. Mel
 Jim MacEgan St. Clare  Dave Murry  St. Mel
 Ben Gonzales SS. Peter & Paul  Michael Ochoa  St. Mel
 Dcn. Mike Turner  St Rose  Jim Moltoza  


Pray for the weekend

Pray for our Candidates

Please remember to pray for each of the candidates who said “yes” to the Cursillo weekend retreat. Pray that these men will be led to seek a closer relationship with our Lord, be inspired to regularly attend Group Reunion and Ultreyas, and be called to discern an apostolate.







I have been asked about the possibility of holding our weekends in simpler locations like the new Colfax Retreat House, which requires us to bring a Kitchen Crew.

There are some big advantages to using a facility that requires a kitchen crew. The most important advantage is that more Cursillistas can be involved in the process of creating a loving environment for the weekend. Serving in a kitchen crew is a joyful experience, and in many ways brings the feeling of being on your own Cursillo back into your heart. As more and more Cursillistas contribute food for the weekend, the experience of brotherhood and sisterhood enhances the weekend.

We like the Colfax Retreat Center and look forward to holding weekends there in the future, when we can have a kitchen crew again. However, their dormitories are geared toward the teenage population, and do not have attached lavatories. Bathrooms are in a separate building. The site is also very hilly, and travel back and forth to the dining hall from the rest of the buildings would be problematic to anyone who has mobility issues. 

If you have some good ideas about kitchen crews, or finding venues where Cursillistas can get more involved in the service process for our weekends, please visit us at School of Leaders. We are always open to suggestions and help!

This year I served as Rectora for the women’s weekend and by the grace of God was able to re-live my Cursillo all over. Over the past few months our team completed a Study on St. Matthew’s gospel in preparation to serve. Cursillo, along with our Faith journey is an experience that is difficult to explain. It has been through serving that I have come to understand that God is so generous that he allows us to receive much more than we could ever give. Although I had the role of rectora, it quickly became evident that God was the one at the helm throughout our journey. I had the opportunity to serve with a team of amazing and loving women that recognized the value of being “one”. By following the Cursillo charism our team sought to actively engage in a continuous flow of prayer, study and action. We also felt the strength and support of our larger community’s palanca as we received letters of encouragement and many other signs of just how much prayer and sacrifice was offered for our weekend experience.

For our Cursillo weekend many women prepared talks and it was simply amazing to witness how God not only used the talks to speak to new Cursillistas about his love but also used the same talks to keep our team encouraged. Through the course of our study we all started to recognize just how God has been present along life’s disappointments and challenges. Throughout the weekend experience and since then, God keeps calling me to a child-like trust. One in which I worry less about being successful and focus more on persevering with absolute reliance on God. Encouraged by the words of St. Theresa of Avila, let us remember that “God withholds Himself from no one who perseveres.”

De Colores,


The office of Three-Day Chair is a voting position of the Secretariat, which is the administrative body for the Sacramento Cursillo. The Three-Day Chairperson secures the facility for the men''s and women''s weekends, and maintains the supplies needed for the weekend teams to put on a weekend. The Three-Day Chairperson also initiates the discernment for the Rector and Rectora for the next weekends.

The work of the Three-Day Chair is carried out at the School of Leaders through interested committee members. Any help for this committee is appreciated! 

Some months ago I was asked to be Rector for this year''s Men''s Cursillo Weekend. Knowing that if they had made it all the way down the list to me, they must''ve been truly desperate, I agreed to take on the role and started the process of selecting a team. The Holy Spirit was at work here because in the end we had exactly the team we were meant to have. I was absolutely blown away by how dedicated each of these Holy men were to bringing a new group of Candidates through their weekend to become Cursillistas.\r\n

Once the team was complete we selected a theme for the weekend. Over the past two years I''ve been asked many times to describe Cursillo. As we mention in the Total Security Rollo, the Cursillo Weekend cannot be defined, it must be lived to be understood. The closest I''ve been able to get in describing it is that it is a process for taking disciples and forming them into apostles. We chose as our theme for the weekend, Christ''s words to the first apostles, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men".

This was last May or June. On the Thursday that the weekend began, can you guess what the daily Gospel reading was? That''s right, Christ calling Peter, Andrew, James and John to follow him and become apostles or as he put it, fishers of men.

When we arrived at the retreat center we were given a code to get in the doors. As I''m sure the code changes regularly I think I''m ok telling you what it was. It was 0914. September 14 is both my anniversary and my daughter''s birthday. So pretty easy for me to remember.

Just a couple of taps on the shoulder to let me know He was there with us.

There were many amazing moments throughout the weekend and I''m sure what spoke to me is different from what spoke to someone else.

Going to chapel while on break to pray the Devine Mercy Chaplet during Holy Hour and having every single candidate and team member choose to spend their break there too was incredible.

Walking the Way of the Cross at night with flashlights and taking turns reading the stations from our Pilgrims Guides.

Sitting at the lunch table with a Deacon and a soon to be Seminarian discussing theology and church history because that''s what we are truly interested in.

And just seeing God pick up these tools and use them to build His Kingdom. I am humbled and honored to have been one of those tools. I am grateful not only for the amazing team that made my job so easy but for the candidates, now Cursillistas, who taught me as much as we taught them.

I can''t wait to see the haul of fish they''re gonna catch.

De Colores!

Matt Retz
September 26, 2014