2024 Women's Weekend Rectora

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My name is Mechelle Hayes, I am grateful to be the Rectora for the 2024 Women's Cursillo Weekend, October 24-27. I lived my Cursillo in 2008 at JRC. At the time I was attending a women's Bible Study group at my Church, Good Sheppard, in Elk Grove, CA. When a friend invited a few of us to attend the weekend. I had never been on a retreat before and thought it was time Wow! And what a weekend it was, the Holy Spirit ignited my heart on fire with his Love and has continued to burn ever since.

I have had the honor to work on 4 weekends, each time growing in my faith as a Christian and boldly going out on Mission to bring Christ to others, sharing in our 4th-day groups, growing our Love for Community, building his Church, and doing his work.

I have a wonderful team of experienced and first-time women Cursillistas on the team to be mentored, to carry on the Cursillo Method. My weekend Theme is Psalm 119:105 "Thy word is the light unto my feet and the light unto my path". I believe in these increasingly hard times we need to dive into the Word which will unite us to the light of the Holy Spirit and keep us on the right path.

I ask the community for ongoing prayers that will be led by the Grace of the Holy Spirit to "make a friend, be a friend, and bring a friend to Christ".

De Colores, Michelle